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BuildCoin Foundation

The BuildCoin Foundation is a non-profit blockchain ecosystem for public infrastructure and construction projects domiciled in Zug, Switzerland.

The mission of the Foundation is to accelerate strategic infrastructure and construction through the promotion and adoption of the BuildCoin Ecosystem and BuildCoin cryptocurrency and blockchain platform.

The BuildCoin Ecosystem serves developers, communities, infrastructure professionals, governments, NGOs, contractors and workers.

The Foundation's vision is to build a new foundation for global economic and human social advancement so that every human being can reach their highest potential and live their best life.
CG/LA's Role
CG/LA's President and CEO, Norman F. Anderson, is a member of the BuildCoin Foundation's Advisory Board. In this role, Norman provides guidance and insight on the infrastructure market and industry trends, encourages and supports the exploration of new business ideas, serves as a resource for the Council Members, facilitates connections and promotes the BuildCoin Ecosystem.
Sao Paulo Project

CG/LA, on behalf of the BuildCoin Foundation, has entered into an agreement with the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil to fund feasibility studies for municipal lighting and public security projects using cryptocurrency.

Specifically, the Llumina SP project is the first cryptocurrency funding of a state government project in Brazil. Its purpose is to fund bankable feasibility studies that will boost public lighting modernization in 51 cities throughout the state of Sao Paulo, generate revenue for municipalities, reduce costs and pollution, and improve public safety for citizens. This program is already proving attractive to private sector participants.

To learn more, see the press release, as well as this in-depth feature on the cryptocurrency news website, CoinDesk.

GViP Integration
The GViP platform will be a core component of the BuildCoin Ecosystem, helping drive projects from conception to completion. Through its network of over 3,000 infrastructure professionals, and utilizing blockchain technology, GViP facilitates a new model for feasibility study delivery. In particular, project owners are able to use GViP to source the best global expertise on a granular level, using a wide network of experts to generate innovative ideas, reduce project risk, and form a robust consensus.